Writing and Business Goals for July 2017

July 2017 Writing and Business Goals

I can’t believe how quickly June has passed! I completed 7.5 out of 9 goals. (I’ll explain the .5 below) So yay!

June Goals:

  1. Send beta readers manuscript and review their comments – 1/2 Completed. I sent my manuscript to the beta readers, but haven’t yet received conclusions from 1 reader.   
  2. List book categories and keywords for publishing because I am so freaking close I can hardly contain myself – Done
  3. Research ebook pricing – Done
  4. Get website/blog live by the end of this month – Done
  5. Introduce Have Spirit Will Travel on Facebook – Done
  6. Create an analytics spreadsheet – Done. For both #’s 6 and 7, I realized it is far more efficient to use Later.com to view analytics for Instagram, and I can view Pinterest analytics on Pinterest. The important thing is to schedule regular time to review these sites
  7. Spend time analyzing the analytics on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook – Done. See above
  8. Link all social media – Done
  9. Work on book two of the Skyler Sullivan series – Not done, unless you count story planning and writing in my mind. While I do believe there is great value in germinating ideas, it still has to get out on paper or the screen

Other than not completing # 9, and the fact that I truly miss my creative sprees, I’m moving it as my first plan of action. Hang on Skyler! Mama’s coming!

July Goals:

  1. Work on book two of the Skyler Sullivan series
  2. Review comments from last beta reader
  3. Research MailChimp
  4. Follow 8 like-minded blogs (I don’t know why I chose 8, but it feels right, and I am all about instinct)
  5. Complete my author page on Goodreads
  6. Research and plan a book launch
  7. Read Let’s Get Visible – How to Get Noticed and Sell More Books by David Gaughran
  8. Publish Have Spirit Will Travel.  What???  I know. It is exciting.

Wish me luck!






Being Grateful Now


As a writer, I dream of the day I can quit my day job and live comfortably writing full time. And though I strive for balance, there are times I find myself in constant motion to get there, forgetting to appreciate the moment.  

This morning was one of those times. As I called Lilly, my sweet pittie mix, outside for her brushing, I was thinking about how close I am to publishing my first book, what still needs done beforehand, the amount of marketing that still needs put into place, and how much I can work on this weekend.

When I sat on the porch Lilly lay her head in my lap, and as I began massaging her coat, my mind relaxed and my body followed, which surprised me because I hadn’t realized how tense I was. I heard the sweet sonnets of bird song, and leaves rustling in the breeze.  A wild turkey walked out of the woods, and on the far end of the field, barely visible in the distance, a deer raised its head and looked around. And then, coming from inside the house, I could hear my husband gently strumming the guitar, practicing his newest song. I looked down at Lilly, who rolled her big brown eyes up at me, and remembered that once again, I’d forgotten to pause and reflect on my many blessings.

I have a beautiful family, a home that keeps me warm and dry, and I live among wide open spaces surrounded by nature. All of my needs are met. I know love, and I know hope. The day job? It’s a good one, and a necessity right now, and I’m glad I have it. For all of that and so much more, I’m very grateful.

Yes, today I’ll continue to work toward my dream, but I’ll do so knowing that everything is as it should be right now. I’ll take breaks to love on my fur babies, to enjoy my husband’s company, to call my sister, who is my editor, brain-stormer, awesome supporter, and my best friend, to be sure she knows how much I love and appreciate her, and of course, I’ll just be. And really, what more can a girl ask for?   


The Son by Jo Nesbo Book Review


The Son by Jo Nesbo

Sonny Lofthus is a drug addict who has spent the past 12 years in prison for crimes he did not commit. In exchange for his silence, his jailers provide him with a never ending supply of heroin. When Sonny learns the truth of his father’s suicide, he escapes from prison and hunts down the people responsible for committing the crimes for which he is doing time. Though hunting, he is  also being hunted; by the police, corrupt members of the justice system, the crime overlord who runs them, and the only person who knows the ultimate truth.

Though all of the characters were fully fleshed out and believable, Sonny was my favorite. He still possesses extreme intelligence, though somewhat fogged, mixed with emotions that run deep. He has the rare gift of being able to sit quietly and listen while others speak. This is the very thing that draws people to entrust him with all of their secrets without the slightest suspicion that he may have hidden motives. 

I was engaged in this story, and the life of Sonny Lofthus, from the first chapter. Right away you know that everything is not what it seems and, as each chapter unfolds,  you learn a little more about the circumstances that turned a young man with a bright future into a fugitive. A man who is capable of committing dark despicable acts and also exhibiting the kind of tenderness I would like to see more of in the world. 

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the genres of mystery, suspense, crime, and/or thrillers. If you don’t mind profanity, some gore and damn smart writing, you need to go get this book. Now.

Happy reading!